200 Amp to 400 Amp Service Upgrade

It's going to be done in 2 phases:

Phase 1:
A new 400 Amp Meter and Housing,
a new 200 Amp Service Disconnect,
and a new 200 Amp Load Center
with 12 20 Amp GFCI circuit
breakers will be added outside.

Phase 2:
Conduit run and 12 sets of quad
outlets mounted.  (6 On the left side of the house and 6 on the right side.)

Phase 1:
Work started on: 06/06/2008
Work completed on: 06/06/2008
Inspected on: 06/10/2008 (Passed)
Sealed on: 06/12/2008
Phase 2:
Work started on: 10/03/2008
Work completed on: 10/6/2008

Existing 200 Amp Service:

Cable TV Demarc
Telephone Demarc
Existing 200 Amp Meter Can.
(The ground strap against the wall on
the left is for my Ham Radio gear.)
Existing 200 Amp Panel:

As you can see, my existing 200
Amp load center in my garage is
maxed out.

(The box above is a whole house
surge protector.)

Phase 1:

Existing 200 Amp Meter Can removed.

New 400 Amp Meter Can installed
with a 200 Amp Service Disconnect
above that feeds the existing interior
200 Amp load center.

New wiring feeding the existing 200
Amp load center - Fed from the new
200 Amp Service Disconnect

The new 200 Amp load center is on
the left - 100% Dedicated to Blinky

Note: - It's really 400 Amps - 200
Amps is at 240v, and at 120v it's
400 Amps!!!  That's a lot of Blinky

There will be a total of 12 20 Amp
GFCI Circuit Breakers inside of this
box that feed 12 separate circuits.

Each circuit will have 2 outlets
connected to it in a dual gang
waterproof box.

Phase 2:

The clamp on Ammeters for TED (The Energy Detective) I got the 400 Amp model that has 2 sets of what you see above - 1 for the 200 Amp house Load Center, and 1 for the 200 Amp Blinky Flashy Load Center.

The TED receiver.  It receives signals from the clamp on ammeters you see to the left and another set in another panel, and shows you to the second what you're using in Kwh and what you're spending in $. (As well as to date info, peak info, etc...) 

One of the screens.  It has a very in depth menu system, and a USB port to connect it to your PC and track usage.  Awesome little device!

Starting out the day we realized that the 200 Amp Load Center that was put in during phase 1 could not hold enough breakers!  So - we had to remove it and replace it with yet ANOTHER one.  The final 200 Amp Load Center is now mounted (Left) and can hold 20 breakers. (I'll be using 13 spaces.)

Now the conduit has the wires pulled through (6 Neutral, 6 Hot, and 1 Ground - All 12 Guage)

What the main setup looked like at the end of the day today.
You can see the conduit on the bottom right that will run to the left side of the house for the 2nd half of the new circuits. (Scheduled to be completed on Monday October 6th, 2008)

6 sets of 20 Amp circuits for the right side of the house. (Each quad is a separate 20 Amp circuit)

Closer look.  They are all GFCI protected (And the other side of the house will be as well) - I went with GFCI breakers instead of GFCI outlets so I would have just 1 spot to go to to troubleshoot, and not have to crawl into the bushes to reset tripped GFCI's.

Finished look. - (Almost)



After - What it now looks like outside. - Quite a difference!!!

The inside of the Blinky Flashy load center - 12 20 Amp GFCI breakers, and the bottom left breaker is for TED.

The inside of the right side distribution box.

The left side of the house has it's set of 6 circuits in the crawl space. (I guess it's still called that - I can stand in it...)

I plan on popping out the little grill you see on the right, and making a wooden cover with a hole in it for the cords for use when the lights are up.